Whether you write a lot or not these pens are sure to strike up a conversation any time you use one!

I've been creating all kinds of furniture and crafts from wood for over 20 years, it's always been a hobby but it's turned into more than that since I started making pens and pencils. My 14 year old son made one at school for a shop project and I quickly found that he and I had yet another fun hobby in common. At his age anything I can do to spend time with him I'm up for. He and I enjoy making these and now we want to share our work with you (and pay for our hobby at the same time!).

I absolutely love the process of selecting the wood or acrylic that's used to make the body of the pen. If there's a story behind it even better! Almost any kind of wood can be used, and the colors of the available acrylics is endless. If you have an upcoming wedding these could make great gifts for the wedding party, the boxes the pens come in can be customized with your wedding information engraved on the lid. Favorite sports team? Give me their colors and I can almost always find an acrylic that matches those colors. There are also interesting choices like oak wood from the barrels that your favorite whiskey or wine was stored in. English Bog Oak that dates back to when the Egyptians built the pyramids. Maybe you have a tree that's being cut down that you have fond memories of, send me part of it and I can (hopefully) make a pen out of it. The possibilities go on and on.

Bottom line my primary goal is to teach my son how important a strong work ethic and attention to detail are, along with customer service and ultimately making some money for the future.

Thanks for looking at my pens, everything pictured is for immediate sale. If you have any custom ideas just contact me and I will put together a proposal for you.

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